Hans Malm • Forecast, 2009 – 2010

All pictures © Hans Malm


“First, the Mediterranean closes. Then – 25 million to 75 million years from now – Australia moves north, slamming into Indonesia and Malaysia before pirouetting counterclockwise to smash into the Philippines and then Asia, eventually merging with it. Antarctica also moves north, shedding its icecap. Roughly 100 million years from now, it plows into the Indian Ocean, and 50 million years later wedges itself between Madagascar and Indonesia. The Indian Ocean becomes a virtual inland sea. Meanwhile the biggest tectonic change of all – driven by a giant subduction zone – has torn through the dark Atlantic and begun to eat up seabed, slowly closing the ocean. Some 200 million years from now, the closure forces Newfoundland to smash into Africa and, a bit later, Brazil to ram into South Africa. The collisions gain force; 250 million years from now, the continents will have merged into a new supercontinent that encircles what remains of the Indian Ocean.”

                William J. Broad – The New York Times, January 2007


























All pictures in the Forecast series are double exposures on negative black-and-white film. First the entire roll of film was shot in one city. I then rewound the film and exposed the entire roll once again in another city somewhere else in the world.

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